Small Business and Start Up Xcelerator by XM Performance

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Xtra Mile Business Workshop

Small Business and Start Up Xcelerator

Are you ready to take your small business/start up business to the next level? We can help you shorten the learning curves, accelerate results, increase profitability and reduce your pain and anxiety. What would it be worth to you if we could do all that in a half-day session?

  1. Vision and Goals for your company: "If you don't know where you are going, you might end up some place else?" Yogi Berra. XM Truth: Clarity Precedes Results, Leaders Create Clarity. Step one in the process is getting the passion and purpose that is in your head and heart onto paper. We will teach you how to shape a clear one-year vision for your business, and turn the vision into an executable plan.

  2. Ramp up your Revenue: The key to next level breakthrough for small and startup businesses is growing your revenue. Learn how to define and deliver your value proposition out to the next level of customers in simple and affordable marketing that works. Next, we will clear out any head trash you have about sales, and help you create a sales process that works for you and your business.

  3. The Entrepreneur's Time System: Busy-ness will not grow your business. Activity does not equal accomplishment. We will teach you how to become laser focused on top priorities, build monthly and weekly plans to accelerate progress. This includes proven systems for delegating, outsourcing, and eliminating low value tasks, even if you believe you are not ready to add employees to your team.

The workshop includes:

  • Light Breakfast
  • Training materials
  • Free PDF’s of the toolkit
  • 30 - minute follow up with one of our consultants